The Story of a Skater Dress

Skater dress! Skater dress!
I love the playful yet seductive vibe that one can pull off with a simple skater dress, and it can totally help you transition from a day to night look!














You know how you usually have to read an intense rant before you actually get to see what it’s all about, I thought I’d give you break from that today and switch it up a little.

I’ve been looking for a dress like this since forever! Why? Because I don’t do skater dresses. I don’t do cute outfits and though I really hope I wake up one morning feeling like Taylor Swift, most days I wake up feeling like Taylor Momsen (post Gossip Girl).

I’ve never been scared of sexy unlike most people around me but I’m definitely scared of cute and that worries me a little because I’m so open to trying something different yet I won’t push myself to do something that more people can relate to and hence.. (Yes it’s finally over) when I got my hands on this cute little skater dress I’m wearing, I could…

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