How to Wear a Men’s Shirt Like a Fashion Girl

How to style the boyfriend shirt effortlessly!


What would you say if we told you there’s a look trending with fashion bloggers at the moment that you can nab from your male flatmate’s laundry bag? Probably a bit suspicious, we suspect. Don’t be: Right now stylish women are borrowing button-up business shirts from the boys and styling them in fresh ways that you’re going to love.

Some bloggers are wearing oversize shirts as dresses, paired with flatforms or chunky heels and acetate sunglasses–while others are turning the androgynous item on its head by styling masculine shirts with soft, lace skirts. Then, there are the creative cool girls layering crop tops over crisp shirts, and the classicists tucking theirs into boyfriend jeans. Really, it doesn’t matter how you choose to style it, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Click on for 28 ways to wear your boyfriend’s shirt this summer.

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