The Wandering Indian.

Not being a huge fan of Indian motifs and apparel, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely collection that  I stumbled across at the O.M.O store in Panjim. It is a warm, elegant boutique in Taleigao, set in a charming Portuguese bungalow.

They have a delightful collection of eclectic accessories and fabric, variety of clothes, necklaces, earrings, stoles, scarves, and even sarees. Also, O.M.O clothes are made largely with natural and hand loom fabric sometimes using vegetable dyes and block prints. They also have on display herbal cosmetics by Pure Herbs, and home accessories by Freedom Tree. O.M.O also supports products by NGO’s like ‘Akanksha’. (source)

Its like the Indian diva in me suddenly decided to head-butt the Western fashionista and create an edgy, traditional look that’s not only comfy but still retains its ethnic appeal.

Ikat’ dye printed black dress and matching black/red paper necklace.



16728_1559601087621572_3860838375715860188_nGraphic printed pants are so chic and classy!


Overlapping Bengal handloom-fabric green dress with floral stone bead necklace

omo greem


 This gorgeous, divine statement necklace is made of paper! Paired with a simple orange spaghetti top and woven Ikat skirt.







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